Thoughts Collective No.1

March 13th, 2013

I’ve been feeling much more introspective lately. Maybe it has something to do with feeling more settled and writing more and having the ability to reflect on how much my life has changed recently. It is definitely an important part of feeling centered for me. And if I can combine that with a quiet walk on the trails- I am living in pure bliss.



I’ve also read some pieces by some really great writers recently that have articulated thoughts I have had, and better than I could. It’s also nice to know I’m not alone on these things, and I hope by sharing them maybe some of you can relate too.

- On consuming vs. creating, Shannon
- Elsie and meaningful photography
- Another reason to grow organic this spring, by the New York Post
- As Hanna says, when you just can’t take winter any more: flowers
- Changing attitudes on cooking, and a book review from Kelly


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  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my post :)

  2. Chanel Jibal says:

    Great links. Also, the snow in those photos……I really wish we had a good snow here this winter. We only got dust (D.C)

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