Hello again!

November 18th, 2013

I am back from a life-induced hiatus and have some updates!

1. We bought a house!

As I alluded to a few months ago, we bought the most perfect, old, charming duplex! It’s an old house that is properly split- we rent out the 2nd floor/attic and we have the main floor/basement. It’s got a big backyard and a cute little potting shed.

Oh, and I have no proper photos yet, despite having had possession since August because we decided to rip out the bathroom and kitchen. And in true DIY renovation style, WE ARE NOT DONE YET THREE AND A HALF MONTHS LATER. Not that this bothers me at all.

So we said goodbye to our garden at the old house we rented with the roommates, although we were able to go back to harvest things that were still growing. And since moving in we have done a lot already. I painted the living room dark grey above and cream below the chair rail (and on the fireplace and mantle as seen in my instagram above). Also you can tell this is my home because book organization.

And truthfully, the kitchen and bathroom are almost done except for minor details like trim, painting and oh, you know, hooking up the kitchen sink. Before and after photos to follow (I hope).

2. We got a puppy!

Because nothing makes home renovations easier like having a puppy around, we adopted a 7 month old mini goldendoodle named Kipper (it’s becoming clearer to me why I haven’t been around these parts lately). And basically, he’s great! He’s infuriating! He’s cuddly! He chases leaves and throws tantrums like nobody’s business! So really, a typical puppy. But at 9 months now and just having been fixed I am hoping he takes it down a notch, or at least on weekend mornings.

3. I am riding 2-3 times a week, and have been switching up horses.

Since I am not part-boarding any one horse I am sometimes at the mercy of whichever school horse hasn’t been ridden that day, but so far it has been great! I had been riding Spartacus a lot which I had talked about before, and whom I love. Although recently I have switched to the little one above, a tiny seal brown horse named Gunner. He’s a really easy size for me, a nice easy canter and can hardly wait for me to point him at the jumps. He’s actually been really great for me to improve both my transitions and jumps on because he is so low maintenance.

And those are the main new things that are dominating my brain. Other interesting points have been volunteering on a support line, taking an online course for midwifery type things, and getting ready to apply to the midwife program again!


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  1. lauren says:

    oh my goodness – what an adorable puppy! i’ve been wanting a puppy for a while, but i’m still trying to convince my husband. one of these days…soon…

  2. Congrats on the house!!!!! You left us (blogging world) again! lol Have FUn

  3. Emily says:

    Do you use any special filters when you take photos? Or do you just edit them in a program?

    • Jessica says:

      I don’t often use preset filters, but sometimes I will adjust the settings so that they match my mood or are similar if they’re in a set.

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